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«IAC» Халықаралық төрелік соты
Международный арбитражный суд «IAC»
International arbitration court (IAC)

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Our advantages

The International Arbitration Court (IAC) has the following advantages for reasonable and time-effective resolution of disputes arising between parties of civil legal relations:

Independence and objectivity. The rules of arbitration proceedings allow the parties to independently choose arbitrators for dispute consideration taking into account their qualification, personality and independence in judgments accounted for the independent and objective arbitration proceedings.

Efficiency of legal investigation. Traditionally the state legal proceedings are characterized by long-term litigations related to possibility to appeal the decision in other instances, whereas the arbitration decision is definitive and generally comes into force immediately. 

Professionalism and competence. The arbitration is distinguished by the high level of professionalism, competence and impartiality, as any discrepancy to these qualities inevitably entails the lack of demand of particular arbitration as a tool for disputes settlement. 

Profitability of the process. Due to the lower arbitration fee and presence of only one instance, the costs related to dispute consideration in the arbitration is much lower than in the public court.

Comfortable atmosphere. Ensuring comfortable conditions of arbitration allows the parties and participants to feel comfortable and concentrate on the examination of the dispute on the merits.

Extensive professional control. The arbitrators have no signs of tenure and legal immunity, the status of an arbitrator does not generate benefits.

Guarantee of arbitration decision implementation. Arbitration decisions are binding in most of the world.

Possibility of peaceful dispute settlement. The arbitration proceedings implies a high probability of reaching a settlement agreement and voluntary execution of the arbitration decision.

Confidentiality of arbitral proceedings. Arbitrators and officials of arbitration are not allowed to disclose information constituting commercial, banking, notarial and other secrets of the parties, which have become known to them in connection with the arbitration proceedings, and cannot be questioned about the circumstances that have become known to them in in the course of performance of their duties.