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«IAC» Халықаралық төрелік соты
Международный арбитражный суд «IAC»
International arbitration court (IAC)

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Sergei Vataev

The Chairman of the International Arbitration Court «IAC»

Aristotle's words: "The truth is in fact ... else, to keep in mind not a law but a legislator, not the letter of the law but the thought of the legislator, not the act itself but the intention of the person, not the part but a whole – in that to pay attention not to what proved the man himself in this case, but what he has been always or for the most part. The truth lies also in the fact ... finally, to will more to address to the court of mediators than to public court, because the mediator takes care about the truth, and the judge about the law; for that the court of the mediators was created that the truth could triumph.” are one of the reasons for the wide acceptance of the arbitration proceedings all over the world, which also has other advantages such as independence, efficiency, confidentiality, and efficiency.
The International Arbitration Court «IAC» is one of the first established arbitrations in Kazakhstan and is among the largest and most prestigious arbitration centers recognized by both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Our arbitration is a highly skilled team of professionals, who are appealed to help entrepreneurs, and making every effort to qualified and impartial dispute resolution, resulting in consideration of commercial disputes for 15 years between the companies from different countries of the world.